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Bullwinkle’s oil rig platform bottom half heads out to sea through the ferry landing section of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Texas, USA, during its late 1980s construction.
Since its installation in 1988 Shell’s Bullwinkle platform in the Gulf of Mexico, it has produced more than 120 million barrels of oil and 185 billion cubic feet of natural gas.
As the deepest fixed-leg platform in the Gulf in 1,353 feet of water, Bullwinkle was a key stepping stone for deeper projects.


Life in spiral by Hideaki Takayanagi

Engawa refers to the strip of flooring immediately before windows inside traditional Japanese rooms, and this is a contemporary interpretation of it.

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Bordus Coffee Table by Ola Giertz

Made from solid ash that is joined together in a dovetail with walnut-pieces.

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love the stair and the wood table

Amin Taha

115 Golden Lane

I was at a meeting here yesterday. Really impressive, so many nice features.

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House in Aoto by High Land Design